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Optiv Leadership Perspective – Security Analytics and Big Data

Greg Baker, VP of Decision Lab Strategy at Optiv, shares his insights on the relationship between security and big data, requirements for building a s...

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Optiv Leadership Perspective – TPRM-as-a-Service

Hear how Optiv can augment many of the tedious tasks of third-party risk management with our seasoned GRC teams and consultants. With TPRM-as-a- servi...

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Optiv Leadership Perspective – IAM as a Foundation for Security and Business Enablement

Bryan Wiese, Optiv VP and GM of Identity and Access Management, discusses the importance of identity and access management as a foundation for securit...

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Optiv Leadership Perspective – Insider Threat

Considering the role of insider threat can be a vital first step when looking to mitigate the risks of cyber breaches in an organization. Hear from Br...

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Optiv Leadership Perspective – Compliance

When looking at major regulations, including GDPR, HIPPA, SOX, etc., there are several commonalities as it relates to visibility, control and governan...

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Optiv Leadership Perspective – Assessed to Death?

Assessments are a major component of a security program’s life cycle, and can reduce risk proactively, and cost-effectively. However, organizations ca...

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Optiv Leadership Perspective – Fostering a Culture of Security Across the Enterprise

Join Tom DeFelice, executive director in Optiv’s office of the CISO, as he dispenses tips to CISOs on how to foster a culture of security across the e...

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Cloud Solutions

With an increasing number of organizations using cloud today, how are you getting a competitive edge above and beyond the benefits that everyone else ...

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Optiv’s Next-Gen SecOps

Learn how organizations can plan, build and run their security operations using the latest techniques in automation, orchestration, analytics and repo...

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