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DAG - Data Access Governance

DAG - Data Access Governance


DAG - Data Access Governance

DAG is a data security technology that allows enterprises to gain visibility to sensitive unstructured data that exists across the organization, and enforce policies to control access to that data.

Unstructured data consists of human-generated files (spreadsheets, presentations, PDFs, etc.). Traditionally, sensitive data was relatively well protected in structured systems in applications. However, in modern businesses, an increasing amount of sensitive data is included in unstructured formats. This unstructured data often finds its way into storage solutions that are far less secure such as file shares, collaboration portals (such as SharePoint), cloud storage systems (such as OneDrive or Box), or email. DAG helps organizations first gain visibility to to this unstructured data no matter where it resides and then helps enforce policies to better govern access to this content, and ensure it is available only to users that should have access to it. DAG can complement a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) program.  

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