What to Do When
Everything Changes


The recent pandemic has drastically altered the trajectory of the entire world. This guide helps identify where you are, what you need to be aware of and what comes next as the dust settles on one of the most life-altering events since WWII.



The Topics and Summaries



Understanding your current environment means knowing what you did, what you have and what you need to do next.


  • Maintaining Business Continuity
  • Work from Home (WFH) Post COVID-19




Hackers are taking advantage of the dreaded “new normal.”  People are working from home in droves on networks you can’t see (what perimeter?). Let’s examine some of the most comment threats.


  • Malware, signs of infection
  • Ransomware, crypto locker targets
  • Other threats – riskware, mobile devices, permissions, spearphishing and COVID-19-specific emails




Protecting valuable data, adhering to stringent regulations and maintaining healthy business operations have made threat prevention a higher priority. So what are the best practices for minimizing the risk of prevalent threats?


  • Good hygiene, protecting against ransomware, mobile device security how-tos, VPNs
  • Vacant facility considerations
  • Securing WFH (and Zoom!)


Looking Forward


WFH may have saved your organization some money, space and time. What does all this really look like, and post-COVID-19, is it a good or bad idea to stay the WFH course or go back to the office – and why?

Take a Look Inside


Assess. Identify threats. Look forward. During significant bouts of industrial change, the right steps in the correct order make all the difference. Assessing your situation and its impact on your business can help maintain continuity while mitigating unexpected consequences. Then, identifying some of the most common threats and diving deeper into understanding how they work can better prepare you for prevention and defense, better protecting your valuable data. Take a look.


September 14, 2021

In cybersecurity, change is your only constant. This guide helps you navigate its complexities in a world where innovations and threats arise seemingly daily (to say nothing of a random pandemic). Let’s assess where your organization stands and then outline how to identify common threats. You’ll then get tool recommendations and strategies and see what’s on the horizon (including remote work and talent demands).

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Designed with you in mind – with easily searchable content – these field guides will become a “go-to” reference for all your cybersecurity strategies and tactics. Each one is topic-specific and based on years of “been-there-done-that” research. Like what? From change management to getting ahead of ransomware to surviving an attack, implementing SASE or Zero Trust, it’s all here – with more to come!