Businesses today are under intense pressure to move fast while also reducing risk. This can be quite a challenge due to the explosion of technology access across the cloud enterprise. As a result, providing your “everywhere workforce” with rapid access that’s safe and secure is critical to reducing risk and accelerating productivity.


Together for Stronger Security


Identity Security for the Cloud Enterprise


To get started, ask your local Optiv representative about our complimentary Security Program Foundation Assessment to determine where Optiv and SailPoint may be able to better optimize or unify your security operations.


SailPoint helps companies embrace digital transformation by tackling IT’s biggest challenge: identity security. Leveraging a proven solution, your team can automate and accelerate the management of all user identities, entitlements, systems, data and cloud services – across your entire organization.


Gain a complete view of all access, replace manual processes with automated workflows, and stay ahead of the security curve with AI-enhanced visibility, detection and remediation.


  • 254,000+ Hours of Deliver Services
  • 15+ Average Years of Experience
  • 23 SailPoint Identity Security Cloud and IIQ Certified Delivery Consultants
  • 32 Current Team members (operations in North America, Canada, and India)
  • 2009 Longstanding Partnership

    • SailPoint Partner since 2009
    • North Americas Channel Partner of the Year 2015 – 2021
    • Delivery Admiral 2018 – 2023
  • 225+ IGA Implementations

    • Optiv has delivered on over 200 SailPoint projects
    • Proven methodology, approach and artifacts
    • Over 140 distinct clients



Identity At Your Service


Optiv and SailPoint provide a wide range of identity governance implementation and operation solutions.


How Optiv Delivers Identity Security


Our Identity Security services harness the power of SailPoint’s identity platform to deliver a comprehensive identity program.


Simply Secure Your Digital Identities


Optiv’s Identity Governance and Administration services are designed to address your unique challenges and elevate your identity program. Our Identity Governance as-a-Service solution powered by SailPoint can be deployed rapidly, allowing users to connect to and use identity governance services from the cloud. Our tightly aligned partnership with SailPoint delivers a wide range of solutions and best practices to help you assess, implement and seamlessly operate your identity security program.


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Identity Governance and Administration


Optiv provides a full-featured identity program utilizing a subscription-based cloud model designed for your business needs, regardless of where you are in your cyber maturity.

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Implementation and Integration


Optiv’s Implementation and Integration services help break down security technology silos to maximize the effectiveness of your security program. We improve agility and boost your investments by integrating SailPoint technologies into your existing environment.

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Translate identity, data and business requirements into security recommendations and strategy.

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Optiv’s assessments and workshops help evaluate your current state, determine requirements, apply use cases, and develop a a strategic direction and a road map.

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Orchestration and Automation


Increase efficiencies by automating duplicative and manual business functions, processes and tools. We help clients unlock hidden ROI and run their organization securely and efficiently.

SailPoint Solutions

Sailpoint Identity Security


SailPoint Identity Security provides enterprises with unmatched visibility and intelligence, powerful automation tools, and the ability to accelerate productivity while managing risk.


  • Automate, manage and govern access in real-time with AI-enhanced visibility and controls.
  • Enable business to run with speed, security and scale in a cloud-critical, threat-intensive world.
  • Govern access, track usage and enforce policy for all users, apps and data – continuously.

Rapid Implementation and Fast Time to Value


The Optiv and SailPoint partnership features a tried-and-true process with an accelerated timeline so your organization can move quickly from gaining visibility and improving efficiency to risk remediation and optimization.


  • Day 1 begins with account discovery to determine and improve the level of visibility across your workforce (including all locations) and your technology (including applications, platforms and data).
  • Week 1 includes automating the majority of on- and offboarding tasks with self-service capabilities.
  • Month 1 yields AI-enhanced risk visibility so remediation can begin, and by the end of Quarter 1, a complete role- and behavior-optimized identity security process will be in place.

Unparalleled Customer Success


SailPoint brings out the best in identity security for the cloud enterprise so customers can bring out the best in their business.


  • Access certifications: From 1 year to 1 month
  • Provisioning new users: From 14 hours to 2.5 minutes
  • Deprovisioning worker accounts: From 30+ days to minutes, $800K savings
  • Password management: 5.5 passwords performed, 0 helpdesk calls required, $150K savings
  • Self-service access requests: 62K requests fulfilled automatically, 0 helpdesk calls, $1M annual savings

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What's Next?


To get started, ask your local Optiv representative about our complimentary Security Program Foundation Assessment to determine where Optiv and SailPoint can help you strengthen and optimize your security program.


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