Identity Governance and Administration

Let’s create a business-aligned program that’s scalable, automated and adaptive.



A governance program that meets your organization’s business requirements – today and tomorrow.

Thanks to the rapidly expanding digital economy the number of identities your organization must manage, and the number of resources being accessed has expanded far beyond the traditional on-premise environment.


The lack of digital identity visibility of across all applications, systems and data creates more vulnerability.


An immature Identity Governance and Administration program can subject your organization to hefty regulatory fines and impact your organization’s reputation and digital transformation initiatives.


It’s time to evolve your solution.

How do we do it?


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Identity Data Health Analysis


Reduce the risk of failed audits and improve the success of IDM deployments through analysis of identity data.



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Product Installation and Configuration


Install and configure your chosen technology based on Optiv and vendor best practices.



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IDM Program Governance


Oversee your project or program to allow more visibility across key stakeholders.



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Architecture Development and Design


Architect and design your technology implementation for optimal configuration while also supporting your business needs.



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Operational Support


Outsource your day-to-day operations and enhance your existing Identity Governance and Administration solution with Optiv experts.



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Engineering Support


Transfer knowledge from Optiv engineering to your organization to ensure continuation of your Identity Governance and Administration implementation.


Optimize. Reduce risk. Decrease costs.

Our team of integrated Identity Access Management (IAM) and Identity Data Management (IDM) experts will evaluate the health of your data and help you achieve full visibility of digital identities across your enterprise.


We’ll help you optimize what you have by consolidating efforts across tactical projects, elevating the skill sets of critical resources and reallocating to other IT initiatives as appropriate.


Then let’s reduce your breach risk by analyzing and reporting on risks associated with inappropriate access across digital identities on applications, systems and data. And see if we can decrease your operational costs by automating manual activities, such as provisioning access and password resets.


The result? The execution of an identity governance and administration (IGA) program with your current IT strategy and infrastructure, using existing security solutions where possible – and a business-aligned IGA program that’s scalable, automated and adaptive.

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Here’s where we can help.

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Identity Governance and Administration service components.

Our service provides a comprehensive solution for all of your identity and data needs:

  • Identity and Access Management Strategy Workshop
  • Identity and Access Management Health Check
  • Identity Governance and Administration Strategy Workshop
  • Identity Governance and Administration Assessment
  • Identity Governance as-a-Service
  • Solution Deployment Services
  • Solution Quick Starts
  • Upgrades
  • Migrations
  • Health Checks
  • On-Demand Identity Support Services