Optiv Establishes New Market ‘Category of One’ as the Cyber Advisory and Solutions Leader

Company Delivers Adaptive, Holistic Approach to Managing Cybersecurity Risk


DENVER — Oct. 6, 2021 — As cybersecurity tops global boardroom agendas as the key to organizational resilience and growth, Optiv announces the creation of a new market category to protect business value and accelerate performance. The cyber advisory and solutions leader, Optiv partners with clients to manage cyber risk so they can secure their full potential.


The move is driven by sweeping governance changes, most notably in the boardroom, as organizations race to implement and secure digital strategies amid pandemic disruptions and thwart cyber threat actors across expanding attack surfaces. Serving 75% of the Fortune 500, Optiv is the only company that advises, deploys and operates complete cybersecurity programs from strategy and managed security services to risk, integration and technology solutions.


“Optiv was built for this moment,” says Optiv CEO Kevin Lynch. “We have been on an incredible journey with our clients, from our inception as a technology reseller to a security solutions integrator, and today as the cyber advisory and solutions leader. Our unmatched ecosystem of people, partners, products and programs is uniquely constructed to help clients navigate the threat landscape by proactively managing risk and implementing resilient cybersecurity programs that boldly move organizations forward.”



“As the threats from cyber activity continue to grow in sophistication and sheer magnitude, corporate leaders and their boards of directors correctly assess those threats as among the greatest risks facing their organizations today,” says General David Petraeus, United States Army (retired), partner and chairman, KKR Global Institute and Optiv board member. “Businesses want a trusted partner who can provide a customized, end-to-end solution that is comprehensive, integrated, and managed, one that knits together managed security services, advisory assistance, and the latest technology – all based on zero trust principles. Optiv is the only company in the space uniquely positioned to do just that.”


From threat actors to malicious code, risk is everywhere, and countless organizations fall victim to a parade of organized and sophisticated attacks. In a world where digitization is quickly becoming the norm, cybersecurity is vital to securing digital transformation efforts, risk mitigation and value protection.


“Security is critical for any digitized organization. That’s why it’s increasingly sitting at the top of boardroom agendas. The industry is ripe for an organization to stand out, take charge, and guide enterprises, SMBs, policy-makers and board directors on how to align security services and solutions with business outcomes to remain resilient in the face of ever-changing threats,” says Christina Richmond, program vice president of security services at IDC. “2020 was a year full of rapid digital transformation due to pandemic pressures. In an end-of-year survey IDC discovered 83% of organizations that had invested in a digital technology initiative were recovering from the recession more rapidly than those that had not (17%), helping to drive home that cybersecurity can no longer be reserved for only the most well-funded and most forward-thinking.”


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Optiv is the cyber advisory and solutions leader, delivering strategic and technical expertise to nearly 6,000 companies across every major industry. We partner with organizations to advise, deploy and operate complete cybersecurity programs from strategy and managed security services to risk, integration and technology solutions. With clients at the center of our unmatched ecosystem of people, products, partners and programs, we accelerate business progress like no other company can. At Optiv, we manage cyber risk so you can secure your full potential. For more information, visit www.optiv.com.