Optiv Flash Panel: Software Supply Chain Compromise

Software supply chain compromise explained: What you need to know and lessons learned.
Join us for an important panel discussion featuring Optiv threat experts, who will uncover
what we know of the compromise and its implications for organizations.



World-Class Partners

We deliver multi-technology security solutions together with our 350+ partners. By teaming with the best cybersecurity technology companies in the industry we’ll help you build a security plan roadmap that optimizes technologies and services based on your business goals.




Harris Named Black Employee Network Scholar

Lauren Harris – an incoming Princeton student studying biology and computer science – has been selected as the first winner of Optiv’s Black Employee Network scholarship.




Guidance for SolarWinds/Orion Compromise

In light of the SolarWinds compromise, Optiv recommends taking the following steps to help reduce exposure.


Case Studies Section Mockup

Optiv Client Success Stories

Let’s look at real-life case studies to see exactly how we’ve helped organizations solve complicated cybersecurity issues. We’ve done it all and then some because cybersecurity is all we do.