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of Cyber Security

Optiv’s comprehensive capabilities span the entire information security space. We offer a complete portfolio of services to help you define your strategy, identify threats and risks, deploy the right technologies and ensure operational readiness to enable your business through security. And, we have the ability to address your needs at the strategic program level, tactical project level and all levels in between.

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We partner with you to create new strategies to plan, build and run effective security programs aligned to your specific business objectives. We can also augment your staff with our resident advisors to help accomplish your daily objectives. 


Related Services: Security Strategy Assessments, Executive Advising, CISO On Demand, Virtual CISO, Executive Staffing 


We provide hands-on expertise to uncover and remediate threats and vulnerabilities to make organizations more secure. 


Related Services: Attack and Penetration Services, Rapid Response Zero Day Vulnerability Detection, Vulnerability Discovery, Attack Simulations, Application Security, SDLC Program Development, Code Review, Hardware and Software Product Security Research, Cyber Threat Intellegence 



Our incident response and malware experts help move you from crisis to continuity in the face of an incident. 


Related Services: Incident Response and Recovery, Incident Rapid Response Retainer, Incident Response Planning, Malware Reverse Engineering, Compromise Assessment, Threat Hunting, Continuous Incident Management, Forensic Analysis 



We leverage risk and compliance strategies to develop a more secure and resilient organization. 


Related Services: Security Controls Assessment, Security Maturity Assessment, Policy Assessment and Development, Risk Management Consulting, Data Loss Protection and Prevention, GRC Implementation and Program Development, Third-Party Risk Management 


Supported Frameworks: ISO, NIST, CIS 20, CSA CCM, FFIEC/ GLBA and Custom Framework Support. 



Designing your cloud approach with security in mind from the start can help ensure success and protect your business. Working with Optiv allows you to leverage a bench of security experts well versed in all aspects of security to help design, plan and implement your cloud initiatives. We can partner with you to help you achieve your cloud strategy goals, maintain security and enable new business models faster than you thought possible.


Related Services: Cloud Strategy, Cloud Security Workshops, Cloud Security Assessments, Cloud Compliance, Third-Party Risk Assessments, Identity and Access Management Services




We can navigate complex environments to provide maximum value for your technology decisions, architecture and security projects. 


Related Services: Network Security, Endpoint Security, System Security, Data Security, Application Security, User Security, Security Management, Secure Infrastructure Planning and Development, Security Staffing 



Cyber Security Education, Training and Awareness

Optiv provides cyber security training services that address human behaviors to improve security and reduce risk.


Related Services: End User eLearning featuring CyberBOT Security Awareness, Global LMS (Learning Management System) Delivery Services, Classroom, Remote Live and On-site Courses, Custom Training and Security Awareness Programs



Identity and Access Management

Our experts partner with you to help drive business and reduce risk through intelligent access management.


Related Services: IAM Assessment, IAM Discovery, IAM Workshop, IAM Compliance and Identity Readiness (CIMR) Data Assessment, IAM Role Assessment, IAM Data Governance Assessment, IAM SUN Workshop Services, IAM Implementation Services



Managed Security Services

Let us serve as a remote extension of your team to strengthen your security response and defenses.


Related Services: Security Intelligence Including Co-Managed On-Premise SIEM, Hosted Multi-Tenant SIEM, Use Case Development and Best Practices, Monitoring and Notification, Log Management, Event Archiving, Platform, Vulnerability and Endpoint Management, Malware Remediation, Authorized Support



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